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11-01-2010, 06:38 PM

Texas Club Challenge IX

Texas A&M Off-Road Club's annual Texas Club Challenge event welcomes off-road clubs and enthusiasts from the Lone Star state and surrounding areas for a weekend of wheeling, competition, and camaraderie. This year's TCC IX will be held at Katemcy Rocks on the weekend of April 2-3, 2011.
Ketemcy Rocks is Texas' premier location for rock crawling and offers cabins as well as primitive camping with plenty of room for RV's. For this event we will be featuring a friendly competion, BBQ, live entertainment, T-shirts, raffle along with plenty of great wheeling.

Since we do not want to discriminate against any wheeler this will be an open event in which standard park fees will apply. Additionally we will be charging our own small fee if you wish to partake in the festivities.

Event Schedule
-Check in
-Check in
-All day wheeling
-BBQ Dinner
-Live entertainment that night
-Awards ceremony

This will be a friendly competition with no cash prizes, however we will be offering trophies and of course the bragging rights of winning.

The Rock Races
Stock 35 - vehicle must retain factory frame and body along with tire sizes 35 inches and smaller
Stock 40 - Same as stock 35 however tires can be up to 40 inches tall
Open - Anything and Everything

Overall Club Competition
We will have a point system in which one club will be deemed the winner:
1 point for each member that shows up
10 points for first place in each rock race division
8 points for second place in each rock race division
6 points for third place in each rock race division
2 additional point for each member that participates in the races

Park Fees (refer to Katemcy Rocks website)

Driver for the weekend - $50
Passengers for the weekend - $10
Lodging - please contact the park in advance to reserve your spot

TCC Fees

**Deadline for preregistration was March 11, preregistering is the only way to ensure you get BBQ and a shirt**

Preregistration includes 1 meal ticket, 1 raffle ticket, 1 T-shirt, entry into competition for driver, and live entertainment. Preregistration is done on the website via PayPal.

Instructions for non-Preregisters

Show up and pay K2 gate fee's
While supplies last purchase any of the following at the park: BBQ dinner, Shirt, Raffle Tickets, Comp entry.
Join in on the fun



Preregistration is over but everyone is still welcomed to attend and shirts/meal tickets can be bought on site while supplies last


02-16-2011, 12:13 PM
TAMOR would like to thank our sponsors who have committed to sending products for the raffle:

Collins Bros. Jeep (http://www.collinsbrosjeep.com/)


Nitro Gear & Axle (http://www.nitro-gear.com//)


Hefty FabWorks (http://www.heftyfabworks.com/)


Superchips (https://www.superchips.com/)


Bushwacker (http://www.bushwacker.com/)


03-08-2011, 11:29 AM
Deadline for preregistration is March 11 (this Friday)