View Full Version : Clayton

04-24-2002, 02:46 PM
When exactly are we going to clayton??

04-24-2002, 02:52 PM
i believe that they will be leaving the thursday after finals....or at least thats when they usually leave...

04-25-2002, 01:01 AM
two thursdays after finals, Its the weekend of the 24

04-25-2002, 01:19 AM
are you refering to the memorial day run or the run that is usually made right after finals?

05-01-2002, 09:14 AM
Im talking about the one after finals usually i live in OK so i need to know when so i can run down there

05-01-2002, 11:39 AM
There is a trip scheduled for Clayton on the 24. It is the organized memorial weekend trail run and you must send in a form to go. The usual group of people will be going including me and if you need a form I have plenty of copies. As far as I know there won't be any pre-runs this year to Clayton right after finals as we have done in the past. Everyone is pretty much broke including me and my jeep. Again, email me if you need a form. Lynmildew@aol.com