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09-01-2003, 09:08 PM
all we have right now is a plan to do it again in the late spring. no date has been set, but it will be soon and we plan to have it at katemcy rocks in mason, tx again.

this year we want bigger and better. what we could use are donations and sponsors for the event.

by donations I mean anything given to us that can be raffled off.

by sponsors I mean anyone that wants to get their name on this event. I'm not exactly sure how this is gonna work yet, but I'll get back to it at a later date.

there will be a bigger crowd, more rigs, new courses, another crawfish boil, catered breakfast and I'm entertaining the idea of some live music from a notable band.

I'm also going to shoot for some media coverage this year. last year I discovered that 3 months in advance is not enough time to get that.

I'll be talking about this more at the 3rd meeting of the semester (oct. 8) and will once again setup a committee to assist the administration in the planning for this event.

if you have any ideas at this point, especially for donations or sponsors please contact one of the officers or post here. USEFUL AND ON-TOPIC POSTS ONLY PLEASE.

09-10-2003, 10:54 AM
I just emailed Peterson's about TCC 2004.

With the kick-ass write up on the Katemcy site and the links to some other pages with pics from the event I think we might have a shot at getting some coverage. That combined with starting the planning a few months earlier and contacting them 5-6 months earlier than last year.

Cross you fingers.

10-05-2003, 11:00 PM
Are we going to try and get some other clubs to join in and put this on their calendars. Also are we trying get any other magazines to publicize the event. As far as sponsors where are we in that area? And do we have some literature or any flyers made yet? Sothing we could e-mail or print off? Well thats enough questions.

10-20-2003, 02:38 PM
Aside from the fact that we want to be bigger and better and even more well-known, we want this event to be a huge success. the more we put into it the more we'll get out of it and the better TAMOR will be in the future.

however, there is a new twist in events. at the swfwda quarterly meeting in clayton the other weekend I made an announcement about TCC and said my peace about how it would be in the spring again and was in no way intended to interfere with the swfwda's spring quarterly. well, it just so happened that they had no one to host the 2004 spring quarterly, so I put the offer on the table for us to host it and it was quickly accepted. BUT shortly thereafter another officer spoke up to the fact that we just voted on something before opening it to discussion and what if there was another group who wanted to host that event

so apparently this group from kansas (does that even qualify as southwest?) had come to clayton with hopes of getting to host the spring quarterly. they talked about diversification and going somewhere different because they were always having to travel (all 4 of them I'm sure). we went back and forth for a while in a pretty civil manner. I made it clear that we weren't trying to step on anyone's toes and just wanted to put the offer on the table. I even made some concessions on the part of TAMOR because they were concerned about the number of rigs that can wheel comfortably at katemcy.

the funniest part was when this guy (grown man, mind you) folds his arms and blurts out, "well if they want it so bad they can just have it."

in the end a vote was taken and we do not get to host the spring quarterly. here's what we lost to:

kansas - who wants to drive to kansas anyways, much less to go wheeling? if I'm gonna drive that far I better be in Cruces or someplace like that.

no rocks - that's right kids, the swfwda spring quarterly is going to be held in kansas where there are no rocks. the guy said it at the meeting and they still got it.

folks were concerned about the fact that I said there would need to be a limit on vehicles at katemcy. I said 100. now if there were more than 100 there I can see that it would suck to turn people away. however, we were bitched at last year because our event took away from the southwest event and much needed income for land use litigation. hey, if it's about money, then you're not gonna get it with the turnout in kansas, sorry.

we've also taken crap before because we were at a quarterly, but did not show up to the meeting. this was a problem because they didn't have the necessary quorum of member organizations to hold the meeting. I doubt they'll even plan on having one in kansas, where there are no rocks.

but we were at this meeting, we had the most people there (I can't say for sure but definitely more than a dozen). thanks to eveyone who showed up. that made us look good and meant a lot to me personally. we also had the largest group at the event. I was very pleased and very proud with our turnout.

SO... this is why Texas Club Challenge II in April 2004 needs to be even more awesome. I want them to ask us to host it next year. I want to be so confident in filling up all our spots for 2005 that we have to tell them, sorry we're busy. I'm not trying to take away from swfwda. as a matter of fact I want to make enough on TCC II that we can give them another donation in the spring (we're giving them $500 this semester in addition to normal dues).

DISCLAIMER: this post is not meant to demean or belittle any organization affiliated with swfwda or swfwda as a whole. the purpose of this post is to light a fire under that asses of the membership of Texas A&M Off-Road so we put on an amazing event in the spring.

that is all.


10-20-2003, 07:06 PM
we should be set on the date now. the email I just got from shain said that as long as that weekend we wanted wasn't easter he'd lock it down for us.

so right now the date for TCC II is the weekend of April 24-25, 2004.

I also emailed Petersen's again.

10-21-2003, 09:53 AM
ok, we are officially set. the date is April 24-25.

Shain and I are currently discussing plans for any type of food vendor situation and I'll be getting with a few people this week to get more details on that.

also, I finally heard back from the editor at Petersen's I've been emailing. he let me know that he hasn't forgotten about me and he'll bring us up at the next staff meeting.

Matt Conlee
10-21-2003, 11:25 AM
good work Hensel. I thnk we can all agree that if it wasnt for your dedication and hard work in this club TCC may have never happened.

SWFWDA member clubs (http://swfwda.org/index.php?des=memberclubs)

11-17-2003, 10:05 PM
attention those who signed up to be on the TCC 2004 Staff...

plan on a meeting immediately following the last general meeting of the semester (Dec. 3, I believe).

this will be an informational gathering to answer any questions and get everyone on the same page before Christmas break. after finals are over I'll be organizing things and getting in contact with staff members via email to start coordinating everyone's contacts. this way we can get the word out and get the ball rolling outside of TAMOR before the new year.

please remember this is a serious commitment that will take your extra time and efforts. anyone that would like to be a part of TCC Staff that hasn't signed up can do so at the next meeting or by contacting me personally before the last meeting of the semester.

remember that any donations you can find are more than welcome (see Donations thread in this forum).

all for now.


12-28-2003, 04:30 PM
tomorrow I will set up everyone on TCC staff to have access to the staff forum. I plan on going to houston this week and picking up our donation check from the reveille club. also I saw an old buddy at the chicken this week who said he's going to make a donation (he owns his own tile business here in town and regularly makes donations, sponsors little league teams, etc.). so there's another one and I'm still on the lookout for more. anyone who has given me info on similar donations will hear from me very soon after I do a little more organization.