View Full Version : Another 360 Adventure

06-17-2002, 07:49 PM
Myself, Nix and Dan Reed went to 360 yesterday. Started off kinda slow but ended up being a pretty fun trip for just an afternoon of wheelin'. Found more tight trails thru the trees on the bypass of "Powerline". Decided that those were a pain in the butt to go back up so I went ahead and tried Powerline. Found I have the wrong wheelbase for the top two climbs, even w/ lots of stupid pedal so I had to get strapped up the very top. At the bottom there was a decent little hill climb that I tried to go down sideways and was on 3 wheels most of the time. On the way up that hill Nix got some pretty mean flex from the rear of the ranger. Sorry to myself and all others but I didnt have any film in the camera, just gonna have to do it again next time. 360 is still pretty cool and havent seen any cops yet, just a bunch of hill billys. Someone today told me that cops will just confiscate your vehicle if you're caught out there so i'm gonna start some research, i'll let y'all know.

06-24-2002, 09:57 PM
Yeah we have been out there this summer a few times - we usu go in the middle of the night. Saw the sunrise the other day ***. we went out got my truck stuck. got another truck to pull me out. i got stuck again. he got stuck getting me out. this guy mike in a fj40 pulled us out - then jake got stuck again on his way out. good times ***. i need to fix my hubs or something -- 4x4 is not how it should be. if yall go out post it here and i will see if work and school will allow me to go -- i will try to read this too more often.

07-01-2002, 02:13 PM
i went out yesterday too... mucho rain and the part that scared me was that all the regs were leavin as i got there... when the dumbass hillbillys are leaving then it must be bad- so i drove out along the main area and did a u turn and left... it was sloppy.
FYI- i am always down for a trail run... i'll check here more often too- lets all head out sunday.