View Full Version : TCC II Competition Results

04-26-2004, 12:00 AM
Well for those who missed the event this year you all missed out on a great weekend. We had an awesome turnout and a great time. Here are the results of Sunday's Comp.

The winner was once again Nick Sirianni
Combined Points were: -6
Total Time: 6.71

Second Place was Matt Connely
Combined Points were: 2
Total Time: 8.44
He was also the only one to zero a course

Third Place was Cody Ainsworth
Combined Points were: 14
Total Time: 7.13

Fourth Place (winning by time) was Ryan Kopecki
Combined Points: 17
Total Time: 12.76

Fifth Place was Brian Ritchey
Combined Points: 17
Total Time: 15.48

Also I nominate Kopecki for most liberal use of the skinny petal and also for those "Magic Leaf Springs" which kept bending but with the right amounts of throttle always staightened out.

Also nominate Joseph Ainsworth for giving it "Hell" on the first course and bashing up his Cherry Fj40. When he laid it over on both sides without even using his throttle.