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09-17-2004, 10:46 AM
As most know this years TCC/SWFWDA Spring Quarterly is going to be a huge event. The best way I can figure to pull it off without a hitch it going to be to divide the work up amongst several different committees. These will be the raffle, music, check in/out & merchandise, meals, trails and tech inspect. There will be a chairperson for each committee that will be responsible for dividing up the business aspects of each to their respective volunteers and will be the delegate to an executive team that will oversee the entire event. There will be a couple of stipulations as to who can head up a committee. These are as follows: have attended at least one of our own TCC'S, another outside event of this nature and have some sort of knowledge of the task they are taking over.

One of the most important committees is the raffle committee. We need the greatest amount of volunteers for this position. Last years raffle was great but this years needs to be even better. I encourage everyone to be some sort of volunteer to one of these teams and help the club out as much as you can to make this one of the top events of the year for SWFWDA.

Please PM me if you think you would like to be a candidate for one of these positions and remember this will be something that you will have to dedicate a fair portion of your time too.