View Full Version : Help Wanted: Raffle Commitee

10-15-2004, 06:10 PM
We are starting to get things kicked off for the raffle commitee and need some volunteers to help with calling. Don't be scared, all the hard work is done. We will have a list of sponsors to call and a packet ready for you to send them. All we need you to do is call each of these companies and make sure we send the packet to the right person. This packet will include all the specifics and such, so you don't have to spend much time on the phone with them.

If you are interested in helping out, please email me at chris@8runner.com with your name, forum username, phone number, and email address. I will make sure you get signed up for the TCC Staff forums and get all the further info as it becomes available.

We're excited about how awesome this event will be and appriciate any help you can offer!