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J Cooper
03-29-2005, 08:23 PM
-----There has been alot of confusion about registering for TCC and exactly what TCC / SWFWD events are like.-------------

This IS NOT a competition!!!! yes we are having a small competition sunday, but it is out of fun, an activity for drivers to participate in.

just like any other SWFWD event, it is a weekend of wheeling with clubs from all over the state and beyond.

Bringing people together to have a good time wheelin with a provided meal and a raffle.

SWFWD officers also hold their meetings at these events

Everyone is welcome, stock, modified, extreme, and spectators.


Thurs night is optional camping.

Registration, tech inspection (making sure vehicle is safe for the trails), sign up for which trail group you would like to drive with, rest of day open trail driving, night time is just hanging out with people and camping.

sat day time is exactly like friday.
sat night we will have a bbq dinner and a raffle drawing, then its just hanging out and camping.

sunday is the competition, which is basically just a timed points course set up to drive on to give us something to do.. (just like sunday at Oktober trail fest)----IT IS NOT WHAT THE WEEKEND IS ALL ABOUT!! just an activity to have a good time.
may have some guided trails if there is a request by those not in competition.

---I relize that there is alot of new members in the club and there are only a handfull left that have been to out past events or other SWFWD events... DO NOT let the name "CHALLENGE" scare you off and make you think that you are not "capable" of going on this trip. this is usually the best trip of the year for our club because it is close enough to allow everyone in the club to be there.

KATEMCY ROCKS: ANY!!! vehicle can go out there and have a good time, last year we took plenty of stock open vehicles out there and they had a great time.
if you do not have a vehicle, you can usually catch a ride, or drive your car up to the trail head and walk along with the vehicles... not like they are going very fast.


if you ARE driving and camping thurs, friday and sat. and wheeling friday, sat, and sunday.
fee is $70
this includes : dash plaque, 1 meal ticket, and 1 raffle ticket.

if you ARE driving and camping friday and sat. and wheeling sat and sunday
fee is $60
this includes : dash plaque, 1 meal ticket, and 1 raffle ticket.

fee is $5 per person per day for you to come as a spectator
there is also a $10 flat rate camping for the whole weekend.
--- this means if you are there fri-sun and camp it is $25 a person.-----

you will still need to fill out a form (SAME FORM FOR DRIVING AND SPECTATORS) letting us know if you need :
meal ticket =$10
event shirt = $15
dash plaque = $1

all the details are here. TEXAS CLUB CHALLENGE (www.texasclubchallenge.com) you can print the link, fill it out, and bring it to the meeting this wednesday at rudys.. or have it at the house by thurs night... we have to make orders friday.

the address is 218 Redmond Dr. in CS for those that havent been here... its right behind jack n the box on Texas Ave.

STAFF PRICES: we will discuss this at the meeting weds... but its pretty much the same, there are certain fees we have to pay for.