View Full Version : Rack & Pinion Steering

11-04-2002, 09:48 PM
I just thought i should start a thread about this since it is the way to go these days when steering is concerned....

Not really...Nix is being gay and actually working on his IFS b.c. his front tires are pointed away from each other by like 2"...he's trying to adjust the tie rod that comes down from the rack but cant get it to move. Any suggestions? I told him just wait two weeks but he insisted i post this for him...bitched something about wearing out his new tires...:D

11-04-2002, 11:43 PM
that NIX guy sounds cool. i like him already. tell him that upon inspection, the tires aren't showing any visible treadwear at this point and just to wait til his SAS in a couple weeks.