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Thread: CJ 5 Build

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    Not much to update.

    I got the rear shocks in place. I still need to burn them in but I want to cycle everything first.

    I got my rear bump stops cut down too. I just need to take the springs off and weld the bumps in. That will finish up the rear.

    I've been avoiding working on the front because I still haven't decided how to proceed with the fan/rad clearance issues. I'll probably get back to working on it this week.

    I'm starting to think about paint (for frame). I'm leaning toward brushing on rustoleum hammered black. I've never used the brush on but I've had good results with the spray on. Thoughts?

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    My experience is the same as yours....none with the brush on, just with the spray on. I've had no problems with it.

    I used the brush on POR 15 on the frame of the '56. It is a much harder coating than the rustoleum on the jeep. It was also pretty affordable, if I remember correctly, like $50 for two quarts of it.
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    I have an exam or two we could prob work out a deal on.
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    I grabbed a Volvo fan from the pick n pull so maybe I'll get going on this thing again.

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    I did this on my Cruiser. Mine was bolt on brackets for a 14B. Then I bought the rest from O'Reilly.

    It's been a great addition.
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