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Thread: 1988 Jeep comanche AKA the penny sniffer

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    1988 Jeep comanche AKA the penny sniffer

    Here it starts:

    Hey everybody I have been on this fourm since I bought my Mj in Feb of 2012. I bought it with a rough country 4.5 inch lift up front along with a SOA conversion in the back and I HATE IT!!!! it rides terrible and looks dumb haha. But I am changing all of it so it wont matter. This winter I will put a 6.5 inch long arm kit on it just haven't decided which one yet.

    The truck is a 1988 4.0 Pioneer 4x4 with a automatic trans (not sure which one) and a np231. I have come to find out it was 2wd from the factory and has since been converted to 4x4 by a previous owner.

    It had 99,000 miles on it when I bout it and has about 101,000 now, It was born in canada cause It has a kph speedo, Celsius temp gauge and oil in bars pressure. It also has a block warmer. It does have some rust but nothing to bad and I plan on stopping it asap/

    I have done alot of work to it and keep meaning to start a build thread. Its going to take a me a few days to get this build thread up to speed on where im at to day with it but Ill go a head and start it off. Here is it the day I bought it.

    The PLANS!

    Level the front
    long arms
    Get it running GREAT
    4:10s up front with a lunch box locker and stronger shafts
    8.8 swap in the rear with 4:10's and a lunch box locker
    Slip yolk Eliminator and tom woods drive shaft
    new windshield
    one ton steering
    Rust repair
    thats all I got for now..
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    1988 Comanche auto, 4.0, 4x4, 8.8 rear trussed, Dana 30 trussed, SYE np231, Serious Offroad long arms, 9.5" of lift, 35's, lockers

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