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Thread: Ellie - '81 CJ-7 Laredo Rebuild

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    Quote Originally Posted by TexTJ209 View Post
    Sheet metal welding sucks. Finally got the welder tuned in with .024 to where it's not just burning through every time I look at it though.

    I screwed up in one spot trimming my floor pans and now I've got a maybe 1/4-1/2 gap between the panels I need to fill. Any suggestions on bridging that gap other than just making a tiny patch piece?
    You could buy a copper spoon if you have access to the back of it and try filling it with that? I used one for the first time doing some body work the other day and it worked well.
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    I've got one, played around with it a little tonight. Still trying to get the hang out it, but thanks for the tip!
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    I'd cut a strip. I had a similar gap on my CJ floor and warped the **** out of it trying to fill it in with wire.
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