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Thread: Oil Pan Skid

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    Oil Pan Skid

    Found myself in a sticky situation this past run, with my oil pan sitting on top of a big rock. Asking for opinions, if y'all think it's been damaged bad enough to justify replacement OR with the addition of a skid, is it in good enough shape to keep? I think a oil pan skid is a wise investment regardless of my decision to replace the pan itself. If anyone knows of a relatively inexpensive skid, I'd appreciate the info.
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    The oil pump pickup is typically fairly close to the bottom of the pan, so I think it would be worth pulling the pan and fixing the dent. You don't have to replace the pan, just get a block of wood and a hammer and beat it back flat from the inside.

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    As for an oil pan skid, I always like what Scott did on Linda's CJ, there is a picture buried somewhere in the build thread:
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