Everything else I have posted tonight is my Bi-annual check in/shennanigans. This thread I am pretty serious about. We've been going up there for 15-ish years now I would guess, and we ALL have the ability to share with the less fortunate.

Last year we afflitated with a townie and collected $360 in a hat that I passed, and it was all weird and whatever. I ended up contacting the school and sending a check to the "Clayton Athletic Fund" which I am sure got spent on jock straps and shoulder pads. (Which is still pretty great)

I want to get ahead of that this year, and really get money to the kids. I know that's hard considering what's going on there, but I'm going to try. If you want to donate, you can paypal (sorry Sharpe) me money to jim_brune@hotmail.com or hand me fist fulls of cash when I hand you your free meal on Saturday night.

I will call around this week to the school, newspaper, city hall, whatever and let you know where the money is going.

What is the name of our sweetheart at The Bulldog? Patty or something, she'll know where to send the money,

Thanks in advance.