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Thread: Picked up a New(to me) Compressor

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    Picked up a New(to me) Compressor

    I had been on the look out for a compressor to replace my Harbor Freight 8 gallon special. I was only looking for a single stage belt drive with a 30+ gallon tank. But I found this in Lockhart and for the low low cost of FREE. I could not pass it up. I just had to disconnect the air and power lines and then unbolt it from the floor. The "shop"(more of a quick lube place) said the motor stopped working some years ago. At the time they had someone out to look at it and would cost to much to get a Quincy replacement so they bought a different cheaper compressor for their needs.

    From talking with Quincy support its 1997 QT-5 Dual Stage 5HP 80 gallon 230 single phase compressor. From what I can tell I am missing the electric motor, pump pulley and bearing, and retaining washing and nut. Looking online I can get a 5HP motor for around 250ish. I can get the pulley and bearing from Quincy for 160ish. I figure the money I spend to get this running will be much better spent. When I got it home I drained the oil and I didn't see discoloration or metal partials.

    This picture is after I used all my on hand de-greaser, It could still use some cleanup.

    What do yall think?
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