I figured it was about time to start a build thread on here for my jeep, since I've been building it for about a year now and have made some modifications to it. To start off I bought the jeep from a family friend for $200 who had used the jeep in the past as a hunting jeep in the 90s. After getting it running and driving I have been slowly modifying it, but after wheeling the jeep at the 2016 clayton run it had me longing for better suspension, stronger axles, a longer wheelbase and POWER STEERING!!!! So, over the past summer I went back to my parents to use my dads shop to tear all the stock suspension and axles out of it and replace them. For axles, I went with a GM 10 bolt front axle that I narrowed 4.25 inches so I didnt have to outboard the front leaf springs and a rear dana 44 out of a postal jeep box van. When it came to suspension I wanted to stretch my wheelbase from the stock 83to around 90, so I used XJ rear leaf springs plus an extra main leaf to help axle wrap. Then in the front I used a set of rear stock CJ replacement leaf with poly bushings all running on 33 super swampers. And for all who dont know me, my name is Jack Dewberry I am class of 2019 mechanical engineering major, and this is my third year in the club.

Future plans:
SBC 350 with vortec heads and fuel injection
Th400 or sm420 I cant decide if I want an automatic or manual
Dana 18 gear swap into my dana 20 to get 2.46:1 low gears
Finish building and bracing my rollcage
Put ranch rs44044 leafs in the front to get 2 of stretch
Hi steer with hydraulic assist
37s if I can find a cheap set on craigslist