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Thread: Rules of the Forums (all sections)

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    Rules of the Forums (all sections)

    The forums are a place to voice your opinion and views on different topics. In light of the events of the past week, the rules are being posted to be re-affirmed.

    1) No personal attacks from one person to the other. Yes there are differences between personal attacks and light joking. If the situation ever arises again, the officers and I have agreed that the thread will be closed and a decision will be reached by us as to what will be done about it. If it stays it will be reopend and the war will commence.

    2) No foul language will be used. For the most part the language barrier has been built. The misconstructions that have been formed steming from root words will stand. Their original forms have already been taken care of and are filled in with ***. To those who think its annoying, deal with it.

    Its pretty simple right now, lets not make it anymore complicated than it has to be.


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    Just a tidbit i felt Nick forgot or needed to be cleared up:

    by "situation", we are referring to anytime we get an email, PM, whatever from someone complaining about something on the forum. there is a button at the bottom of every post that says "report this post to a moderator". That is a very easy way of getting in touch w/ us if you feel like you have a problem. unless a post is obviously completely irrelevant to the topic at hand, no posts or threads should/will be deleted unless the officers agree upon it. please use the "report this post to a moderator" function if you have a problem. that is all. thank you and happy web wheeling.

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    Just to bring this back to the top (yea I know its sticked )

    Any posts, particularly in the classifieds or tech forums, that are completely off topic & junking up the thread. Or posts are reported or and fall into the catagories mentioned, will be deleted.

    We've been getting quite a few reported posts lately and will be enforcing this rule more effectively.
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