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Thread: Propane injection

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    Propane injection

    Seeing if there is any interest for this:
    Propane injection for a carbureted engine with a standard square bore manifold
    DHG X1 mixer and Impco C1-30 injector pump
    the tank is about the size of a gas tank and has a remote fill
    the mixer is on the passenger side firewall, and the propane carb is on the engine
    the remote filler is right of the tank
    Any takers?

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    doug kiesewetter made a killing selling a bunch of that stuff on ebay.

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    was that thing stranded at an exxon a few days ago?

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    The Jeep (with gas carb) got pulled over for being highly illegal and I had to abandon it there until I snuck it back under cover of darkness. So yes, it was at an Exxon for a day.

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