New Forum Rules, please read.
After the many meetings from the current officer team about what to do about the boards concerning the problems with moderation, hi jacking, personal attacks and general forum poilcy, we came up with these rules. These rules were voted on at the last meeting by the current membership, in a unanimous vote, by all almost all members in attendance voted to accept the foillowing rules. These rules were also read out loud and discussed so there would be no confusion on their enforcement.

These following rules will be enforced strictly.

Forum Only Changes

Most other forums on the internet have rules to follow, and also guidelines stating what will happen to you if you do not abide by these rules. Incidents in the past and present future have brought up concerns about what the club as a whole feels needs to be done with the forums to try to make them more user friendly. Whether it be a new member or a alumni member from ten years ago, we want everyone to have a great time, and feel comfortable using the forums.

We are proposing a Banning procedure- of three strikes and you are out.
1. First offense, your post will be edited, and you will receive a private message (pm) stating why you were deleted and you will be turned of temporarily for 3 days. This means you can view all sections of the boards, but cannot post or send and receive pms. After your banning period you will be allowed back on the forums with full privileges.
2. Second offense, after deletion you will receive a private message (pm) stating why you were deleted be turned off for a week , and receive a pm stating why you were deleted. Same privileges will be allowed as above banning.
3. Third offense, after deletion you will receive a private message (pm) stating why you were deleted be turned off until the Following New Fall school year comes around.

This does not in any way shape of form mean that you are kicked out of Texas A&M Off-road, it just means that you have lost privileges to post on the forums and send and receive private messages.

Reasons for deletion of posts, and being Banned-Applies to all Areas Excluding the Kitchen unless stated.

Thread hi-jacking- Such as: off-topic subject matter, Irrelevant posts- posts that side track the general subject matter, and do not contribute to the threads content or topic.

Personal attacks on members- All areas including the Kitchen- No personal attacks on any member, whether in joking fun or not. This includes avatars and signatures. This also includes all derogatory or off-color humor. This also includes posts towards the current leadership for deletion or other purposes.

Also, if any posts or threads are brought to the attention of the officer team, by other members as being offensive, then the officers will hold a meeting to discuss the subject matter and decide accordingly.

Also, after deletion and banning for any reason, if we catch parties sharing passwords and login names, both parties will be banned for one years time regardless of reason. Even when banned there is no reason to do this because you still can read all sections of the forums.