Thought we could use a thread specifically for trailers since most of us have one. I know there has been discussion in other threads, hopefully this will keep it centralized from now on.

Here's some more links:

Tried to find the one about Chadnutz overloading his truck out at riverside and then getting in a big *****fest about it, but couldn't. That one was classic!

Dad and I relocated the spare tires on my sled last night to right behind the trailer box so that you could see the sides of the trailer again. We're going to mount some marker lights on the front of the fenders as well. It was really annoying at night to look in your rearview and see nothing. The tires looked cool mounted out on the side, but they are more out of the way behind the box.

Next is to build some new ramps even though I never use them and to find some new floor lights. I'm thinking truckstop in Oklahoma on the way to Mizzou this weekend.